Maintaining Your Headlights

Among the most important safety devices in your vehicle are the headlights. A set of good working headlights is crucial.  If your headlights are poor, it can be extremely hard to see in the dark or bad weather. You need to make properly maintaining your headlights a habit to keep yourself, your passengers, and other road users safe. When your headlights are in good working condition, you can see the road ahead clearly, including the sides, the road signs, and the shoulders. You will be able to see potholes (which are a major problem in Kenya), obstacles, and other road conditions early enough to respond.

To ensure your vehicle’s headlights are in good working condition, check them periodically. Check your vehicle’s headlights for worn-out bulbs, dirt, alignment issues, uneven brightness, and other problems.

Regarding replacing headlight bulbs, the following are some tips to help you;

1. Replace Your Bulbs in Time

You do not have to wait until a bulb fuses for you to replace it. The general rule is that if you cannot remember when last you changed your headlights’ bulbs, you should replace them. If you wait until a bulb fuses, and it happens when you are in the middle of the road, it could put you, your passengers, and other road users at risk.

2. Replace Both Bulbs Together

When replacing headlight bulbs, it is best that you replace both at the same time. If you replace only one bulb, it could create an uneven field of view.

3. Select the Correct Bulb

Not all bulbs are compatible with your vehicle. Ensure you choose the correct bulb for your car. Keep in mind that headlight bulbs vary not only in technology but also in their capabilities and beam.

4. It Is Best to Have Bulbs Changed in a Garage

Getting your headlight bulbs changed at a garage ensures you choose the correct bulbs and that the bulbs are installed correctly. Additionally, when you take your car to the garage to have headlight bulbs changed, the mechanic will advise you on other things you can do to improve performance.

An easy way to keep your headlights in proper working condition is by visiting Japanese Vehicle Service Centre (JVSC). Whether you need a bulb change or total restoration, we can help. JVSC is equipped with the tools needed to get the job done right. 

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