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We are pleased to announce to all the hybrid car owners in Kenya the opening of a facility for hybrid battery service & rebuild opposite Village Market. JVSC is here to ensure your hybrid vehicle’s battery is in excellent shape.

What Is Hybrid Battery Rebuild?

Hybrid cars are becoming quite popular, and a crucial component of a hybrid vehicle is the hybrid battery. Hybrid batteries have a limited lifespan, so it is important that you take care of your hybrid vehicle’s battery. Hybrid battery rebuild is an excellent way of taking care of your vehicle’s battery. But what exactly does this process entail?   

The process of rebuilding a hybrid battery entails renovating and reconditioning the battery pack to restore its performance and extend its lifespan. Usually, we rebuild a hybrid battery when the pack starts showing signs of reduced capacity, deterioration, or other issues that adversely impact the hybrid car’s overall efficiency.

What Are the Key Components of a Hybrid Battery Rebuild?

The following are the steps in hybrid battery rebuilding;

Step #1: Evaluation and Diagnostics

The first step in hybrid battery rebuilding is evaluating the hybrid battery and diagnosing any underlying issues. To do this, our experts at JVSC will test all individual modules of your hybrid vehicle’s battery pack to determine their performance levels. We will look at voltage output, temperature readings, and many other factors to see if your battery needs rebuilding.

Step#2: Replacing Damaged or Degraded Components

After identifying issues or malfunctions, we will move to replacing any damaged or degraded components. This is a vital step in ensuring your battery functions optimally.

Step#3: Balancing and Calibration

After all necessary replacements are done, and the battery is resealed, the next step is balancing and calibration. This step is important because it ensures all components within the battery pack operate uniformly.

Step #4: Testing

Once all the above have been done, it is time for technicians to test how well the replacements worked. This is done by putting the unit through several tests, such as running simulations and checking voltage output.

Step #5: Enclosure and Safety Check

Finally, we will carefully enclose the battery pack within its housing and check for potential hazards. You can trust that by the time we allow you to leave with your car, we will have ensured everything is in order. 

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