In all our Branches, we have technical expertise to deal with repairs and maintenance of all models, old and new. We have no limitations to Customer’s car problem diagnosis.  We are always in pursuit of “New Car Technology”. You don’t worry whether to bring your “High performance cars” nor “Hybrid” cars. We never limit ourselves for learning new technologies, we never stop at same the place!

Engine Diagnostics

JVSC workshops are designed and equipped with Modern State of the Art Technology and Diagnostic Machines that offer the highest quality diagnosis and repair standards in the industry. Our diagnostic systems are from Germany manufacturer and efficient and effective to facilitate vehicle analysis and troubleshooting. The system can read virtually all cars on the Kenyan roads. This enables us to restore vehicle’s performance to manufacturer’s specification.

Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs

Tranmission & 4WD System

Tranmission & 4WD System

Brake System

Braking is one of the most important aspect of car maintenance system. Being directly associated with personal safety it is important to have your braking system in excellent working condition at any given time the vehicle is being used. We are well, equipped to handle all components of the braking system including braking pedal, master cylinder, connecting hoses, lines, fluids, linkage, drums, shoes, rotors, pads, calipers and parking brake.

Suspension System

Steering System

Electrical System

Air Conditioning and Climate Control

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